Alliance Microfinance is a non-profit limited liability company fully owned by the Norwegian Mission Alliance. The objectives are to contribute to the betterment of the life situation of poor and disadvantaged people in developing countries by helping them to gain access to financial services, in order to get started with micro enterprises as part of a “self-help” strategy.

How we are different

Being a non-profit manager, serving for-profit microfinance institutions. A balanced profit-driven and developmental motivation is the best means to ensure a competitive landscape for credit and a good quality of service to clients. We are adventurous in our presence, yet consistent and careful in our approach We take pride in being pro-active owners, while allowing the management sufficient operational freedom. We work in partnership with Mission Alliance: microfinance has the highest impact when provided together with community development services. We promote knowledge sharing and information flow between microfinance researchers and practitioners by co-hosting The Norwegian Centre for Microfinance Research. We are lean and efficient with low operating expenses compared to assets.

Social Performance Management

As a value-driven Christian organization Alliance Microfinance adheres to the industry standard Client Protection Principles, and performs periodic monitoring of these principles. We provide data to MFTransparency in all countries where transparent interest rate pricing information is published. In addition, we take the welfare of children extremely seriously and all loan officers are trained in both the Client Protection Principles and the national laws regarding child labor. This involves active monitoring of practices of both staff and the families which we lend to, identification of high-risk clients, periodic monitoring and public reporting of our performance.In addition we capture “Progress Out of Poverty Index” (PPI) data of all clients. Alliance Microfinance wants to take a lead in the microfinance sector in terms of enforcement of ethical treatment of clients and their children.