Diaconia MDI Liberia

A customer

AMAS established Diaconia MDI (microfinance deposit-taking institution) in Monrovia, Liberia in 2012. The bank received its banking license in 2014 and is regulated by the Central Bank of Liberia. Diaconia MDI has been serving clients since March 2015.

It was sold to Bay Finance Invest in 2024.


Diaconia MDI was founded by AMAS on the Christian diaconal principle of service to those in need.

The purpose of the institution was to improve the livelihood of the poor by developing inclusive financial services to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in order to transform lives, build communities, and expand opportunities.

The AMAS-ambition was to provide operational and financial sustainability, high loan portfolio quality and increased savings mobilization. Key performance indicators included the number of clients served and job creation in enterprises.

DMDI is the first deposit taking institution (MDI) to be issued a license by the CBL since the issuance and publication of the Regulation in August, 2012. The entry of Diaconia into the financial sector is a further boost to the financial sector.

The Central Bank of Liberia, after issuing the license