Banco D-Miro Ecuador

D-Miro was established in Guayaquil, Ecuador in 1997 as a result of Mission Alliance`s commitment and dedication in assisting the development of the most vulnerable sectors within communities. With financial support from Mission Alliance in 2006, D-Miro became the “Foundation for sustainable micro entrepreneurship D-Miro Mission Alliance Ecuador.”


Justice, Efficiency and Reliability.


Based on Christian values, we provide financial services in order to promote the development of vulnerable sectors of the coastal region of Ecuador.


To be the microfinance institution that contributes the most in fighting poverty.

Witnessing the positive impact D-Miro had on improving the lives of the many clients they assisted encouraged D-Miro to transform into a bank regulated and supervised by the “Superintendecia de Bancos y Seguros”. D-Miro’s operations as a full-fledged bank began on July 18th 2011. D-Miro has 14 offices in 9 different cities in Ecuador: Guayaquil, Duran, Playas, Milagro, Libertad, Machala, Quevedo, Portoviejo and Manta.

Banco D-Miro is fully owned by Mission Alliance and Alliance Microfinance.

D-Miro serves the most vulnerable and excluded sectors where the needs of the people are most pressing. Its top priority is to help people who fall outside the traditional banking system. D-Miro has a strong social vision, and its offices are located in the most vulnerable communities, close to the target population. The staff working in Banco D-Miro is highly qualified and offer excellent and personal service to our clients.

What does D-Miro stand for?

Diaconia: Service to others, following the example of Jesus. Microfinance: Microcredit, savings and complimentary services represent excellent opportunities to assist in the development of the most vulnerable sectors. Integrity: Products and services that are valued and appreciated by our clients, their families and the communities we serve. Responsibility: Dedicated to enhancing effective social responsibility. Opportunity: Offering services and products where they are required the most in order to create opportunities for our clients.

Our products

We offer a wide range of customized products in order to suit the different needs of our clients. We offer loans from USD 600 to USD 20 000 with terms of up to 3 years. Clients with loans are entitled to free medical consultations (including for their immediate family) at no cost. Individual Microcredit loans (working capital, acquiring fixed assets, enhancing the quality of life, health and education) Social Products (Producto Vida for those suffering from HIV/AIDS; Producto Creer for those with disabilities; and Young Entrepreneur Loans) Savings products (instant access accounts and fixed term deposits with a minimum deposit of $5)

Sources of funding

D-Miro is funded by local depositors, national banks/funds and global impact investment funds such as Responsibility, Blue Orchard, Symbiotics, Bank im Bistum, Triple Jump etc.