Banco D-Miro stands firm

As a result of hard work and dedication from all the D-Miro staff and the board of directors, we are now happy to announce that Banco D-Miro in Ecuador has maintained its A- rating with Pacific Credit Rating (PCR).

We are happy to announce that Banco D-Miro in Ecuador in December maintained our A- rating with PCR. Due to the difficult circumstances with the devastating earthquake in 2016 as well as irregularities within the organization, D-Miro was put on a negative watch and thereby risked being downgraded.

Our people in Banco D-Miro have done a tremendous job supporting our clients in the aftermath of the earthquake, increasing credit control on new loans, improving the efficiency of the bank as well as focusing on how to serve our clients better with improved services and products. Banco D-Miro is today a bank with 330 employees with an eagerness to make a change in their local societies. The last year has been a rough time for the bank, however we are certain that we now are even better equipped to follow our 30.000 credit clients and 80.000 savings clients in the coastal areas of Ecuador.

Thomas Klungsøyr

Chairman of the Board

Banco D-Miro, Ecuador