Diaconia FRIF

After more than 21 years in Bolivia, the Foundation Diaconia-FRIF has established itself as one of the country's leading financial institutions. Today, Diaconia-FRIF has 53 offices located throughout the country providing credit and supportive services to the most needy sectors.

Diaconia FRIFD-Frif was established in 1991 by 5 pioneer staff members, and today boasts 400 employees. Staff are employed on the basis of equal opportunities, and enjoy on-going training and career progression. Their strong social and institutional commitment has contributed to the success of the Foundation. The institution nurtures a strong family bond amongst staff and clients alike. Weekly meetings reinforce the values of the institution and a sense of camaraderie to the extent that it is colloquially referred to as the “bank of the brothers”.

Since 2007 D-Frif has been regulated as a Development Finance Institution by the Autoridad de Supervisión del Sistema Financiero de Bolivia.

The most recent rating (Fitch) awarded D-Frif the following risk level:

  • A Transmitter
  • F1 Short-term in foreign currency
  • A  Long-term in foreign currency
  • F1 Short-term in local currency
  • A  Long-term in local currency

What does D-FRIF stand for?

Diaconia - a sense of stewardship

Fondo Rotativo de Inversion y Fomento - rotating fund for investment and development

Our Mission

To help improve the income of people with limited resources in peri-urban and depressed rural areas, through easy access to credit for micro enterprises and housing opportunities.

Our Vision

To be a leading institution for people with limited resources through diaconal service whose characteristics include: treatment that ensures respect and dignity to the customer and their cultural values, processing loans with only necessary documents, interest rates at a reasonable level according to the market and for Diaconia-FRIF, and with flexibility in guarantees.

Our Values

  • Treatment without discrimination
  • Genuine service to people in need
  • Respecting the client's culture
  • No customer abuse
  • Tell the truth and keep your word
  • Punctuality and timeliness
  • Commitment and personal involvement
  • Respecting the laws of the country
  • Listening to the problems of the customers
  • Transparency of information

Our Products

D-FRIF offers two main credit products:

  • Individual microfinance loans (business loans, agricultural loans, loans for artisans, for consumption, and housing loans).
  • Group microfinance loans (community bank model, in which 90 % of clients are women).

    Loan amounts range from $30 to $70.000, with an average loan outstanding of $1.200. Over 90 % of clients obtain loans of under $5.000.

Sources of Funding

D-Frif is fortunate to have some trusted allies and receive funding from the following  institutions:Kolibri Kapital, Oikocredit, Incofin, Triple Jump, Loc Fund, Financiamiento Capital (+) SAFI S.A., Fundapro, Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID), Fortaleza SAFI S.A. Microfic and Fossekallen Forvaltning S.A.



Board of Directors

Nils Atle Krokeide Board member
Jaime Rodrigo Board member
Marcial Flores Guerrero Employee representative